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This site is a space that houses and showcases Dr. Kynan Robinson’s major creative outputs from the past 15 years plus including all my major album releases, films scores, and major art commissions, along with some of his writings (blog posts ).

I consider the work by Robinson to be an important contribution to the field of education. The work is unique, creative, and, in important ways disruptive. Dr D Simara

All my work be that in the fields of education, music, the arts or business stems from the same place, my driving passion for creativity, connectivity, change, and innovation. The goal of anything I do is to help individuals/teams better connect with each other and beyond, leading to a huge increase in creativity, new ways of thinking, and ultimately a new global mindset of possibility, not predictability.

Creativity was one of the fields my Ph.D. research focussed on. From my research, I redefined Creativity as being a social process rather than something contained in or done by any individual. Creativity is always a collective experience. I also was able to reframe our current understandings of learning, critiqued the system of western education in its current state, provided an alternative approach that values and enables creativity rather than hinders it as it currently does. Finally, my research provided new models of transformation the education sector and organizations like schools, governments, and businesses can understand themselves, their purpose, possibility and how they work—changing to these new models results in immediate transformation for any organization, plus significant growth.

“Creativity has nothing to do with ‘the individual .’It is not a trait one processes or a thing someone can improve on. It is always a continual, collective process of emergence. How much emergence or Creativity is enabled or hindered within organizations is dependent on several key features. Knowing them helps you stay way ahead of the rest.” K Robinson

Drawing on all my research, practical application, and over 20 years of experience working at the highest levels in fields as diverse as education, the arts, music, academia, and business, I founded the global consultancy and design firm EnRusk. EnRusk has an international reputation for its ability to guide innovation and a process of total transformation at a systemic level and smaller organizations like schools.

My Firm: EnRusk


Enrusk is a global leader working in the following fields:

Education: We help schools and districts better understand who they are and why they exist, their values, how to apply new agile approaches to strategy, how to transform their curriculums and classroom practices. 

Government: EnRusk works with numerous government agencies and teams to better understand who they are, what they do, why, how, and what is missing and requires designing. We guide teams through a process of change, develop high-performing teams, better understand their purpose and the path to get there, including strategy. Our work is at the highest level of government.

NFPs and Business: Our clients range from large, global organizations to small startups. We help them understand who they are, how they are different, how they currently work, what they need to do to transform into world-changing organizations. We also help them create their own unique story, purpose, and objectives, including their strategies.   

“This was..really well prepared, fabulous facilitation”I loved the energy and gentle push to keep going and keep improving!.”

Department if Education Victoria 2020

Kynan also works in the following fields. In each he is considered at the top of his field internationally

Academia/ Cultural Theory / Philosophy

 “Kynan Robinson has written an exceptional dissertation, one that challenges not only genre and form of the dissertation but also the very methods used by educational researchers. By combining expository, narrative and explicitly fictional text Robinson as author performs the very theories he is exploring. In so doing, both the written forms and the theoretical positions both undermine and exceed one another. It is a wholly unique presentation of both the process and products…I consider this work by Robinson to be an important contribution to the field of education. The work is unique, creative and, in important ways disruptive.”

Dr D Simara 2019

Kynan is a world-leading voice in complexity thinking and its impact on education and change. In this, he is a cultural theorist and philosopher. In addition, he is considered a leading voice in the field of Creativity and its application to education and organizational change through his research and practical application. Kynan has developed a new theoretical position, Velloming. It is a theory that rejects and provides an alternative to the current all-powerful idea of reductionism and how it has shaped our worldview for the last 300 years. Velloming is a theory of connectivity, leading to transformation in our understanding of how we learn and create. It creates worlds of possibility, not predictability.

Music and the Arts

The trombone-wielding Australian leader is both an improvisatory player & a meticulous composer, his music always logical yet often surprising. He likes to juxtapose the hot with the cool, the funky with the ethereal.

Radio National

Globally known for his groundbreaking, genre-defying, original sound, composer & performer Kynan Robinson has released 10 albums of his own music and contributed as a producer, performer, and remixer to over 40 other albums. He has won many awards and commissions including multiple Aria Awards. His music has been performed at festivals & concerts globally to outstanding acclaim & reviews. He has been awarded 7 grants for his art including Australia Council Grants, and his compositions have been performed in numerous major international music and arts and festivals.

“It’s a particular pleasure to hear someone so individual. Robinson’s compositions are meticulously are variously structured, free of clichés.” 

Radio National Australia

As recognition for his work Kynan has won numerous global awards, commissions, and prizes in music, education, the arts, and business. These are reflected on his bio page.

Book Kynan Now To Keynote Your Conference

Kynan is a dynamic and thought-provoking keynote. His keynotes are full of stories that always challenge the status quo leaving your participants, energized, inspired, and with a couple of key takeaways and insights to apply immediately. Kynan is also a world-leading musician and often includes performance and music well…just because he can!. Please fill in the form below or contact us at the details below if you want Kynan to give your conference the edge it needs.

Potential Keynote Topics

Reinventing the Classroom: An Insight into a Co-Learning Ecosystem
Finding and Telling Your School’s Unique Story - What makes you special, different and important?
Storytelling is crucial to human culture and community wellbeing. Experience how to find a story that you want to tell about your school, craft that story and then experiment with it. 
Why one of the Most Successful K-12 Schools in America Chose to Innovate with Design Thinking
Learn why cutting-edge schools are embracing fresh, agile approaches to Strategic Thinking. 
 Is Real World Problem Solving the Key to Breakthroughs in Education? The way kids are asked to learn in school is the opposite to the way the learn out of school or in the real world, Thats nuts!!
Imagine what a classroom or a school would look like where everything that students were required to learn was directly linked to their life in the real world. But more than that it helped contribute to change and knowledge in their real wiorld. It would look like engagement, contribution, meaningfulness, connectivity, collaboration, buy in, stress goes down, opportunities go up and school aligns to the rest of the world. Hear stories of success from schools and entire districts we have help transistion to this way of thinking plus simple steps to help you achieve the same. It's not that hard to do.
From Adversaries to Partners - A New Paradigm for Schools to Embrace Parents, Students, Teachers, and Administraion in: who we are, what we believe, how we do things and where we want to go. When we connect and listen we learn, when we learn we create, when we create we change, when we change we live! Storioes of our success bringing schools together and ways to consider strategy development stakeholder engagement beyond what any change management process taught you.  
Listen to Learn: How Covid Helped Us to Listen: Success Stories and learnings from our Listen Learn Leap Program we used the Covid 19 Crisis to bring schools back together, re-energize, rediscover their passion for learning and teaching, innovate and consciously design the community they want to have rather than accepting what they had.

Recent Posts

Wrapped In Plastic

Initially released in 2011, my album Wrapped in Plastic – Music Inspired by the Work of Filmmaker David Lynch as performed by The Escalators, is now set for its digital release through EnRusk Music Presave it on Spotify here https://distrokid.com/…/theescalators/wrapped-in-plastic

“The music is totally absorbing, and it takes you on a journey that could easily be like a David Lynch film. The music creates a world that suggests strangeness and mystery, with the hint of events unfolding.” Roger Mitchell The Herald Sun

The Escalators was and is

Joe Talia Drums

Mick Meagher Electric Bass

Pat Thiele Trumpet

Lawrence Folvig Guitar

DJ Element Turntables and Samples

Marc Hannaford Piano,

and myself on trombone and composition duties.

Artist: The Escalators

Album Title: Wrapped In Plastic Inspired by the films of David Lynch

Digital Release EnRusk Music

Avalaible at: Apple Music Spotify and all other streaming services

So many of you saw us play this music live, and I thank you for those many who came up telling me of the mesmerizing effect this music had on you, placing you somewhere in outer space.

And also, thank you to the many others who approached me at the end of a concert, visibly upset and seeking to vent your anger at me for making you sit through what you had to endure.

When observing the sculptures and paintings of surrealist artist Giacometti, Lord commented that ‘In some of your sculptures and paintings, I find a great deal of feeling’. To this Giacometti answers, ‘You may find it … but I didn’t put it there. It’s completely in spite of me’

” Robinson’s group, the Escalators, is an eight-piece avant-garde jazz ensemble that includes a DJ manning turntables and sampling. What else sets them apart are live shows where their slowly evolving, sometimes disturbing, and opaque music is married to set designs and film that play in a similar sandbox of mood, repetition, beauty and what they like to call Lynchian weirdness” Sydney Morning Herald Feature Article

Get it here


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