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Collider is a band that consists of trombone, tenor saxophone, drums and a string section of violin, viola and double bass. It creates a very unique and interesting sound.

Band Members are

Kynan Robinson – Trombone
Adam Simmons – Sax
Andrea Keeble – Violin
Jason Bunn – Viola
Ronny Ferella – Drums
Anita Hustas – Double Bass

One interesting aspect of the band is that everyone in it is a very strong composer in their own right which has allowed us to pursue a different approach to how the band chooses to perform. Rather than getting a bunch of tunes up we have decided to approach each future performance as an opportunity for one member of the ensemble to compose for the band. In the past both Adam and myself have composed music for various concerts and Andrea and Anita have composed work for performances at The Womans Jazz Festival. La Mama Musica series have presented new works by Ronnie Ferella, Jason Bunn, Anita Hustas and Andrea Keeble in 2012. In December 2012 Kynan and Adam premiered new work for Collider at 45 Downstairs. My work “Solo In Red” was based on the writings of Cormac McCarthy and Adams was centered around the book Green Eggs and Ham.

My New work Solo In Red was composed for Collider to perform but is a fully immersive experience also involving lighting, video and sound. It was commissioned by the Melbourne Writers Festival and The Melbourne Recital Center and was premiered in 2012. As well as being a very personal statement for myself about how I understand life  it drew inspiration from the collected works of American author Cormac McCarthy.

To read more about it I have included the program notes from the 2012 series of concerts as well as my artists statement.

Solo In Red – Artist Statement Kynan Robinson

Programme notes Solo In Red Performed at Melbourne Recital Center 2012

The Age –  interview discussing Solo In Red

Jazz Planet – interview discussing Solo In Red

Excerpts from Solo In Red performed by Collider based on the writings of Cormac McCarthy/ Development showing

An interview with myself and Adam for the age can be seen here The Age Interview

And an interview I did for Extempore Magazine can be read here Extempore Interview

For a review of the bands 2011 concert here is a link from

The Escalators

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The Escalators are made up of some of the finest musicians in Melbourne.

In 2010 The Escalators released our debut album “Wrapped in Plastic” on House of POW/JaZZhead records to fantastic reviews. We also completed a national tour of Australia playing sold out shows at The Melbourne Recital Center, Brisbane Powerhouse and in Sydney. Taking its inspiration from some of the artistic concepts of master film maker David Lynch the band has developed it’s own very unique approach to music making.  As composer of the group I sought to imply  concepts such as an investigation into normality as well as an application of dual narratives involving both the ideas of reality and fantasy into the sometimes beautiful, sometimes unsettling music played by the Escalators.
The band has worked with a visual artists Kiron Robinson and Michelle Robinson to create a set design which includes video, and a live show which tetters on the edge of haunting beauty and Lynchian wierdness.

Click this link to listen to an interview I did for The ABCs Music Show with Andrew Ford

Here is an interview I did with the Sydney Morning Herald about the Escalators

Here is a link to a review of our show at the Melbourne Recital Center by Roger Mitchell

The Escalators includes

Marc Hannaford – Piano
Joe Talia – Drums
Michael Meagher – Bass
Lawrence Folvig – Guitar
Pat Thiel – Trumpet
Kynan Robinson – Trombone
DJ Element – Turntables

The Escalators Live – footage taken from shows in 2010 at The Melbourne Recital Center and Brisbane Powerhouse

Download the Escalators Media Pack here Escalators Press Pack



Des Peres is a sample heavy performance madness band that co-lead by Kynan and his wife Michelle Robinson. They have released 3 albums toured the world and created blissful anarchy wherever we went. Heres what the critics say

The final act, Old Des Peres, could well have earned the title of my new favourite band! Their live show, completely unique and unprecedented, can only be described as an incredibly bizarre fusion of highly charged, rock’n’ dance beats (typically Melbourne in flavour) wickedly matched with stolen, familiar samples (ala Avalanches) with the furor and frenzy of a Public Enemy meets James Brown Gospel Revival. Throw in the antics of a Machine Gun Fellatio stage show, the twisted (and often meaningless) sick humour of a Sodom Circus performance and a blender or two (no joke) and you’ve got the next big thing in live dance music! honestly, you gotta catch these folks live. Inthemix

Preserved (2006)

ABC Review – 5 Stars

Inventive Melbourne dance and event band Old Des Peres have produced an energetic, vibrant debut album called Preserved. High energy dance vibe is mixed with industrial, art scene samples. It’s brash and harsh, driving and yet balanced. It is creative.Gershwin’s An American In Paris gets distorted effortlessly. Luva DJ’s occasional vocals are treated with appropriate disdain and remain just plain funny. This is dance music designed to put a smile on your face.Thanks Iannis is beautifully reflective. Get the CD. 

Ace Doubt (2008)
The Adventures of Cowboy and Miniman (2010)

Rave Magazine Review 5 Stars

An air – kissing gorgeous twist of a disc…instantly likeable, gobsmackingly sexy little teasers. An ambitious disk with an aesthetic and philosophical depth to the trio that instantly belies the playfulness of its surface. An absolutely delightful and essential listen. 

Also In Des Peres was Kiron Robinson, Tom Bass, Natalka Kohut and Kelsey James


Enrusk is a contemporary improvising/JAZZ quintet that has released two albums,

Enrusk and 1000 Wide.

Both were released on the Newmarket label.

The band features

Kynan Robinson – Trombone

Adam Simmons – Sax

Andrea Keller – Piano

Erik Griswald – Piano

Danny Fischer – Drums

Mark Shepherd – Bass

Kynan performs in many other significant and high profile Australian bands including CW Stoneking, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Skazz and the Adam Simmons Toy Band as well as numerous international touring acts including Michael Bubble and Reggae legends The Abyssinians. For a full list click here


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