Announcing the Launch Date for my brand new album Birdtown

My new album Birdtown is set for release on April 6 2022. That’s also my 50th birthday so I guess you know what to get me for a present.

After releasing 10 albums in a 15 year period, all doing fabulously well and establishing my international career as a musician and composer I then just stopped. Not sure why but I did I. Well, I am back.

Birdtown is my first album in over 5 years and I am proud to say some of my best and most unique work. There is a spirit I managed to capture that I attempt in all my work but only rarely find. It is a spirit of honesty, beauty, and humanity.

It is the official soundtrack to the yet-to-be-released movie Birdtown, which was magnificently written and directed by my wonderfully talented and beautiful son Kalani Robinson. Given the opportunity to collaborate on something of this nature with my boy the writing, recording, and releasing of this album has been a unique and very personal one for me.

The early reviews have been fantastic.

You can presave my brand new album release on spotify/applemusic etc now.

OR for a few luckily folk I have a limited edition prerelease number for sale you can secretly purchase them here

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