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b.1972 BA. (Swinburne University) B. Mus. (V.C.A.) Grad. Dip. Ed. (Melbourne University) Masters in Arts(QUT) Ph.D. Education (Deakin Uni)

I am a professional musician, composer, educator, and business leader. As of 2018, I completed my Ph.D. in Education for which I was awarded a full Scholarship of Excellence

I am the founder and CEO of EnRusk an amazing collection of people I have the honor of leading and learning from. We have launched with some very significant projects seeking to make a global impact. These projects see us working very closely with Government, NFPs and Member Associations, Universities, Industry – Corporate and Startups and the creative industries, music, and film production. Our work is truly global and our team is located in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

We’re a global consultancy company made of people who live to create, connect, and innovate. We’re leaders, professionals, and innovators but also artists, writers, and visionaries. 

We help organizations achieve the change they need by bringing fresh eyes and personalized touch to every project we work on. When we partner with you we’re 100% committed to creating together a plan to get you exactly where you need to be.

We’re a team of experts in design thinking and other industry-leading processes for change and innovation. And we have developed our own tools to help put your organization in the driver’s seat.

We know that creativity, change, and innovation is essential to all organizations to achieve sustainability and growth. We know because we’ve seen it after 20 years working with top schools, companies and startups, associations, and government agencies. And we have one small goal – we want to work with you to change the world.

Prior to this I have led global and local businesses achieving global scale and impact across a number of sectors. These include the CEO role at Design Company NoTosh and the Asia Pacific Head of Partnerships and Product at New Era Education. In both roles I am proudest of the processes of delivery. and development and new ways of thinking  I introduced into the companies and input in the products and services we developed for our clients and partners as we worked to make a difference in the field of education and industry.


Alongside managing the software department of the business, my role also allowed me the privilege of working alongside many schools, universities, and departments to facilitate cultural change in regards to IT use. This change is one that embraces a culture of self-directed learning and an understanding of knowledge framed within network theory, It is a change that embraces the internet as a key technological driver within education. This work sees me delivering workshops and keynoting conferences around Australia and internationally. 

Previous roles have been included leadership roles in schools in Melbourne Australia, In those roles I transformed the way the schools approached pedagogy leading the school through a period of innovation and growth. With a focus on technology the school became a bacon school in Australia and globally for world-leading approaches and practices. The school was the recipient of numerous highly contested grants to pursue a program of innovation and research, partnering with industry and academia on national found research projects.

Other roles of significance that I have had include Head of Technology and Head of Music. Head of Music and  Senior Lecturer in music composition at VU.

In the education space, my key points of expertise are technology,  specifically digital pedagogies, including digital gaming, music education with the child as a composer as a core fundamental, and creativity and how to best enable it within a traditional school setting. The theory I have based much of my work in is complexity theory, a theory that looks at emergent phenomena arising from complex adapting systems – such as schools. This work gives rise to ideas such as self-directed learning, self-organization, student voice, and a new type of schooling that moves away from reductionism with its emphasis on the individual and instead becomes schooling that embraces the collective and connectivity.

As a business leader, my approach and philosophy are summed up in these four words Connect Create Learn Change  Again, connectivity is crucial in order to build thriving growing businesses. This leads to greater levels of creativity and progress.  I believe in continual evolution, driven by clear vision, inspiration, research, processes that are regular and building environments full of passion and fun.

trombone at MOFO

Finally, I also work as a professional musician, bandleader, producer, and composer leading my own bands including Collider ( an ensemble made up of Melbournes top Jazz musicians and Classical performers), Des Peres ( a techno outfit), The Escalators ( an ensemble that performs compositions of mine that were inspired by the work of David Lynch), En Rusk (an improvising contemporary jazz group). I also perform in bands led by other Melbourne musicians including  CW Stoneking’s Skazz (a Ska/jazz outfit) Adam Simmons Toy Band, Big Fela (an afrobeat band) the Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Tania Bosak’s Barefoot Orchestra and a host of other fantastic Melbourne groups. See below for a more comprehensive list including grants and awards.


As LeaderContributions Towards
En Rusk  (Newmarket Music) 2001Adam Simmons Toy Band – Happy Jacket
En Rusk – 1000 Wide (Newmarket Music) 2003Melbourne Acid Techno (Dark Matter Records)
Old Des Peres – Preserved (Flict/Shock) 2003Sample Synthesis 4 and 5 (Clan Analogue Records)
Des Peres – Ace Doubt (Flict/MGM) 2005Matt Fagan
Des Peres – The Adventures of Cowboy and Miniman (House of Pow/Amphead)Malone – This is it (Cavalier Music)
The Escalators – Wrapped In Plastic (House of Pow/Jazzhead) 2010The Mavis’s – Throwing Little Stones (FMR)
 Collider – WordsPeter Knights 5 + 2 – Invisible Cities (Rufus)
 Collider – Solo In RedCW Stoneking – Jungle Blues (King Hokum)
 Skazz – The Smoking Gun
 Labjacd – Words Out
 Jen Cloher – Hidden HandsTania Bosak’s Barefoot OrchestraMelbourne Ska Orchestra – Self Titled


  • Machine Translations (Spunk)

Film Scores

  • The Only Person in the World – Ben Chessell
  • 3 Weeks in Koh Samui – Alistair Reid
  • From The Top – Alistair Reid
  • Is God a DJ – Ben Chessell


  • Double Venturi – Collaborative composition with Garth Paine 2001
  • The Slow Burn – Collaborative composition with Erik Griswold 2004
  • En Route 2010 – Collaborative Project with One Step At A Time Like This – awarded best live art Melbourne Festival, best Theatre Production Adelaide Fringe, Green Room Award for Adelaide Festival

Performance History

As Leader

As Sideman

Grants and Awards

  • ICTEV Educational Leader of the Year 2013.
  • Australia Council promotion and presentation (En Rusk Recording) 2004
  • Australia Council new works (concert-length composition for prepared piano and ensemble) 2004
  • Arts Victoria Music For The Future (En Rusk Recording) 2004
  • Arts Victoria Music For The Future (Old Des Peres Recording) 2004
  • Arts Victoria Music For The Future Touring (Old Des Peres) 2004
  • D.C.I.T.A Touring Grant (Old Des Peres) 2004


  • Numerous national and international tours –  CW Stoneking
  • Australian national tour –  The Escalators
  • Australian national tours –  Des Peres
  • Australian national tours –  En Rusk
  • International tour –  Des Peres
  • International tour –  Honky Trash including Glastonbury, St Donnettsand Edinburgh Festivals
  • International tour –  Skazz
  • National and International touring with Melbourne Ska Orchestra 

Panels and Boards

  • Arts Victoria’s Presentation and Promotion panel in 2005/6
  • Peer Assessor for Australia Council For The Arts 2006
  • State Councillor ICTEV (Information Communication and Technology Education Victoria) 2011-2013 Vice President
  • Board Member – DLTV


  • Australian Educator – 2011 – Q and A with Kynan Robinson
  • Technology in Education – 2011 – Gaming in Education, Aiming to Transform not Merely Enhance
  • Inspire Magazine 2011
  • Australian Teacher Magazine – May 2012 – Blogging and ICT
  • Inspire Magazine – May 2012 – Gaming in Education
  • Education Technology Solutions – 2013 – The Modern Learner, How the Learning and Teaching is Changing
  • Technology in Education – 2014
  • DLTV Journal 2014 – Games, Project-Based Learning and Minecraft
  • Education Technology Solutions – May  2014 – Is Technology Becoming an Impediment to Your Lessons

Conference Keynotes + Presentations

  • ICTEV Conference 2011 Australia – Gaming In Education at North Fitzroy Primary School
  • ICTEV Conference 2012 Australia
  • ICTEV Conference 2013 Australia Minecraft and Complexity Theory – How to apply the game to an Inquiry Unit
  • VITTA Conference 2011/2012/2013 Australia
  • ISTE Study Tour 2012 – Australia – All School Blogging from a Network Learning Perspective
  • Edutech 2013 – Australia – The Modern Learning – how we learn is changing  is changing
  • ESA Annual Conference 2013  Australia The Modern Learner – how the learning and teaching is changing
  • ESA Annual Principals Conference  2013 Australia –  The Modern Learner – how the learning and teaching is changing
  • Ballarat Diocese annual Conference 2013 Australia – The Modern Learner – how the learning and teaching is changing
  • Chisolm Conference – 2014 Australia  The Modern Learner – how the learning and teaching is changing “It’s all in the network”
  • IBSOM Conference 2019  Canada – Keynote with Kalani Robinson – What the kids can do if you get out of the way
  • Bett 2017 Dubai  – Designing Sprints for Learning
  • CAIS  2019 Canada – Finding the problem..and then what? + Panel Discussion
  • Edutopia 2019 Egypt – Keynote – Designing for today’s and tomorrows problems
  • Edutech 2019 Singapore – Designing Spaces – don’t do anything before you’ve done this
  • TAISI  2018 India – Creative Leadership

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