Good morning world. The sun is rising and it’s a beautiful day here in NY City.

EnRusk Van

We’ve done our planning, built, bought, and packed what we need; We are set for the journey ahead.
This week we fire up the engines and set off into our future. It’s launch week for EnRusk
Over the last few months, we’ve enjoyed working through what we wanted to do, how, and why. We also enjoyed talking to folk all over the world who reached out to us asking for help.
Monday sees us begin our work with our new partners and clients.
They come from education, health, government, NFPs, business, and entertainment; some are old, some are young, some are big some are small. None of that matters. What matters to us is they are all ambitious, passionate, open, courageous, empathetic, willing; they want to make a real difference and enjoy the ride while we do it.
Most importantly, they’re willing to change, survive, grow, and contribute to creating a new future, a future of possibility rather than predictability.
Why does this matter to us?
Because they are the fun ones to work with.

And we’re honored to join them on their journeys.

Our journey together to change the world. Fire upon the engines.

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