The Story Behind My New Album title “The Adventures of Cowboy and Miniman.”

One of my bands,  Des Peres named our new album The Adventures of Cowboy and Miniman, and huge numbers of people have been asking for the meaning of the title.

On October 14, in my third blog, I explained who Cowboy and Miniman were (Scroll down to see). Here is a little further insight into the type of brave and creative men they were.

Cowboy and Miniman loved to fight. They loved to attack, burst forward, charge, surround, launch missiles, block, thrust, encircle, destroy.

But that last word was the one thing they seemed incapable of doing. Their strength and military knowledge were on such equal footing that neither could shift their opponent even an inch. That’s not to presume that losses weren’t taken. In fact, huge losses were taken on both sides.

Battle forces were smashed and women lost husbands. But just as armies were lost, they were rebuilt. These foreign adventurers and warmongers had persuasive gifts, including the tongue and the gold coin.

Their spirit of discovery had long since changed from the desire to find lost treasures. Instead, rare powers were sought by both leaders to gain the upper hand.

Miniman possessed a great talent in his voice. He had the type of voice that could sail, drift, or float, but more importantly, when really turned up to its full volume through methods of diaphragm control, it could pierce through shards of glass, shattering them into a million pieces.

At nights before a battle or on a long march through the thick jungles when his men were tired, he would use his voice to calm his men by singing out over the camp, but it was the vengeful side of his voice that became his interest in his current position, trying to discover his inner weapon.

If he could train others in his army the power of the human voice to wreak havoc over whatever it was aimed at, surely, he would have a weapon at his disposal to crush his weak-eared opponent.

There were many reasons for both the beauty and sharp ugliness of his voice. But the predominant one was linked to him being a mini man, smaller than small in both size and stature. His newly chosen choir of soldiers was now set to become his highly skilled killing machine. Miniman trained them using the most modern signing techniques, how to hold your note, how to articulate, how to fire out the rhythm, how to lull your enemies in with slowly shifting melody, which to control your breathing and stomach muscles to increase in pitch but most importantly he had them all castrated. And then they were ready, for they to had become the ultimate Mini Man army.

So one evening, he marched his choir out……..

To celebrate the release of the album “The Adventours of Cowboy and Miniman” I tattooeed the following picture onto my arm. It was drawn and designed by my then four year old son Kalani Robinson and features both Cowboy and Miniman.



More on the House of Pow

am no teacher but my father was a preacher so I have seen him show the people. I will try
If you are there you know, welcome and grab yourself a bed. If you aren’t, there are plenty of invites floating around, find one for yourself, put on your best suit, grab a cane, umbrella or taxidermist’s bird (make it a big one) and hail a street car. But make sure you bring a plate, a plate full of big love. Love for all things fast, red, a love of slight of hand, a love of loud sounds when you need them, a love of theft when the object can be better used, a love of all things old but only when presented in a new way, a love of fox skins and a love of that deep, deep POW.
POW is when you are being held up against the wall but a man much bigger and stronger than you, adrenalin pumping but oxygen leaving, only one thought comes to your head POW
POW is when you can take over a back stage after a roaring concert by singing nothing but American work songs unrelentingly and then use the same skill to unload all the band of all their drinks, negotiate your way around a large city, order a Greek dinner delight and then wave goodbye all without dropping a note.
House of POW is a lifestyle. If you don’t see the world this way you might never but you must try and try and try. You must Must Must.
House of POW is music . The best music, music you cant understand but it gets you, gets you in that spot. The spot that fills you with groove and move, fills you desire, lust passion hatred love all of the great emotions. Fills you with confusion that says you must have more.
POW is when you know everything there is to know and the only thing left is to go POW
Des Peres is in the house of POW, Des Peres is its prime minister, president, sultan, and singalong chief.
Des Peres’s just finished the mixing process of the new album which makes it one step closer to being in your hot little hands or on your funky new personlised digital readers or flashing at you from your computers or however it is you enjoy DES.
I might even upload some new tracks for you in the next coupla days
GOD BLESS you all

Des Peres and the House of POW

Let me introduce to you the house of PoW
I don’t really need to say more, as the phrase itself combined with your more than adequate imaginations should be sufficient I’m sure, but the rules of writing require that I do.
The House of PoW is a house full of stolen bits and it might fall down at any minute but for some science defying reason, it never does. Rather it continues to operate as a high powered pleasure provider for young men and women in this crazy old mystical mass we refer to as THE WORLD.
In its backyard there is a picnic on a stupendous scale, where the participants are young and beautiful and eat an endless supply of donuts, cakes and chicken pies. Whose daily programme of events consist of everything and anything from darts, to champagne swimming, to camel races, to hunting the great lion of Africa, to dubbing out under a banana tree, to climbing the technological hights, to cat burglary, to reading of mighty literature, to converstions with to many implications. There will be green spectacles and umbrellas, veils for Egypt and rough clothing for the pilgrimising in the holy land, Dark coats for Paris and saddles for Syria.
Light musical instruments are encouraged.
It consists of all the great and bad houses you have lived in seen or read about and none of them at the same time. The gingerbread house, something from Frank Lloyd – Wright, Coltranes House, Parliaments House, William Burroughs House, Iannis Xenakis’ House, The Art Ensemble of Chicago’s House, Miles Davis’ House, Prince’s house, Buckingham Palace and The hanging garden of Babylon, and Talking Heads House, the house that was built on the rock as well as the one that fell done on the sand and every other house not mentioned that held people together.
What was there lacking about that programme to make it perfectly irresistible? Nothing that any finite mind could discover.
It was and is the House of POW and it is Irresistible

The recording of Des Peres’ House of PoW is due for release in 2008

Des Peres is one of my many musical univerces