Space Compositions

In Grade two we have been working on vocal compositions. This is where you draw shapes on the whiteboard and find appropriate vocal sounds to match (an early form of notational teaching). We also invented shapes to represent loud and soft and duration. We then incorporated some of this learning into the theme of space and added some sounds from the marimba that could be translated into variouse movements. Finally we made masks to make our short performance look cool and filmed it.

This is a great way to introduce children to the concepts of composition – using their voice, using sounds that can be made on the instruments having some simple notation and finally performing.

Heres the video

3 thoughts on “Space Compositions

  1. Excellent that is way cool. Love the Masks! The students looked and sounded like they were really into it and in character. Awesome use of voice and Orff instruments. Definitely going to show this one to my students tomorrow.

  2. Love it. Sounds like the whole project was highly engaging for the students through each step. I like how the finished product is not only good in itself, but also reflects the process that you described.

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