sampling other peoples lives

I know a musician friend who is in the process of stealing a friend of his’s story and making it part of his own lifes makeup. She shared a story with him that she was going to turn into song.
He liked it so much he took it and started slipping it into stories and answers he gave when he was doing interviews. He then slid it in so much it became a vital part of his history and interviewers actually started asking him about it. Once its in the media it becomes truth for both the teller and the reader.
He still had some notion of self doubt enough to email the original storyteller and suggest she alter her song idea to instead being about someone who had stolen one of her stories aadn was using it for them selves. And only reveal the story in the last verse – it didn’t require a complete song but only a verse within a stronger story.
He hasn’t had a response from the women but I will let you know if he gets one.

Tonight I start my tour with a man called C.W.Stoneking
we play tonight at The Melbourne Spiegletent before heading around the country.

heres a photo I took in country Australia while on tour with Des Peres
there is work out there even in these hard times. The music industry had its greatest boom in the original depression, so its good news for all of us.

Des Peres released a new album

Hi all my band Des Peres has just released our new album
The Adventures of Cowboy and Miniman avalaible from itunes or record stores or from our myspace site

Heres an explantion of the title

Cowboy and Miniman two of the greatest and at the same time most inept of all the modern explorers. Modern being from within the last 400 to 600 years. Mainly responsible for some smallish discoveries throughout mainland Central South America they became preoccupied with depriving the other of discovering anything, thus gaining the upper hand in the quest to obtain the favour of the then King of Spain and the possibility of marriage to one of his rose like nieces.
Their deprivation started at a petty level, involving the employment of local Indians to thieve supplies and ponies from the other in order to hinder their exploration plans but like all good rivalries it grew until both explorers took on the new title and job descriptions of generals of the small but dangerous armies they had amassed in order to beat down the other.
As both men waged a ferocious and expensive war upon each other many men were lost, many provisions destroyed until the final and ultimate loss was suffered which was that of the mind of these once semi great men.
Both slid into a state of absolute delusion forgetting the king they were once trying to impress but rather believing they were instead kings themselves. Unfortunately their delusion of kingship didn’t lead to them actually obtaining a royal niece in marriage. In fact neither married at all and in the case of the one with the severe physical shortages – in that he was very short – he struggled to find himself even a cheap whore who would be prepared to share his bed and after a brief flirtation with Amazonian pygmies actually gave up on the idea of female companionship all together.
Neither of these men will ever go down in the annals of the great explorers who’s names I don’t need to mention here but to me they will always be an inspiration as two men who were supposedly good at finding things but instead got quite lost…. And isn’t that the best state to be?
The Adventures of Cowboy and Miniman – So much better than all those other Adventurers